At, we know seafood & we know shipping. This means that your items will be packed fresh and shipped upon receipt of your order after processing. We pack most products with ice packs or gel packs to ensure freshness upon delivery. We also use a thick walled Styrofoam cooler enclosed in a shipping box for added protection and to mitigate any potential weather damage and/or damage to your fresh seafood. As with any live, or perishable products, we encourage you to read our disclaimer below.

Upon receipt of your order, please allow 24-48 hours to process and ship your order. We will notify you via email every step of the way. If for some reason you place an order for crabs and the crabs are not available or not in stock, we will notify you via email that there will be a delay in the shipping of your order. We only ship orders Monday-Thursday. Saturday deliveries are available in some areas, but there is an additional surcharge for Saturday delivery. If needed, call in to receive a quote. We use UPS to deliver our packages.

We do our very best to fill orders with the liveliest crabs and the freshest seafood available. Buying live crab, when offered and available, the normal blue crab mortality rates can be in excess of 15% of the entire order--even including the entire order in some cases due to shipper mishandling/shocking of the crabs. When shipping a live seafood product, dead loss is expected and cannot be liable for any amount of crab mortality, not limited to but including circumstances that are out of our control, such as; shipping environment due to extreme weather, rough handling, or delayed delivery by the shipper. If you insist on every crab being edible, we strongly recommend ordering your crabs steamed or cleaned raw prior to shipment. Orders placed for live or cooked crabs at any size level may consist of a mixture of male and female crabs. If you still insist on live crabs, please note that we provide no guarantees on the number of crab that will arrive to your doorstep alive. Their condition upon arrival is not guaranteed. No one in our industry will guarantee this. cannot refund any monies for dead loss in live shipments. If a package is damaged, delayed, or not delivered by the shipper, please contact us asap. You are able to submit a claim with UPS in attempt for reimbursement of the insurance value on the package. We offer a complimentary insurance of up to $100. In submitting a claim, the process can take anywhere from 7-14 business days. There is no guarantee for approval on ups claims based on the ups guidelines for filing a claim. If a package does in fact arrive damaged, we ask that you kindly take pictures showing condition of the box, damages to the box and the box contents. The shipper may ask you to submit this information for the claims process.